What we do

Counselling & Mentoring

Our greatest give to our target audience is active listening and guidance. We help them learn how to handle their life challenges, and guide them to make informed decision that leads to success in life.

Humanitarian Services

We also reach out to the poor and needy around us to express our love for them through sharing our time, talent and treasure with them. We also let them understand that they are multiply endowed.


Every month we visit schools (primary, Secondary, tertiary institution), where we believe our target are. We let them understand that everybody on earth has a purpose awaiting discovery. We also let them understand that they are multiply endowed; and train them on how to use their gifts to fulfill their purpose in life.

So how does it work?


We also believe that behaviors are learned and can be unlearned .Any mistake in the process of formation can be erased. We reinforce normal behaviors and help people to unlearn their abnormal behaviour, through Behaviour Modification techniques.


We strongly believe that people should know that they are multiply endowed. My people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. We provide you with the basic information people need to know and charge you to pass it on to others.


We believe that effective empowerment should touch three areas (Information, skills Acquisition and Finance); and we follow that order. We strongly believe also that people need to be empowered to succeed. There is no success alone. So, we empower you to empower another person.

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